Saturday, July 2, 2011

7 Days to go...

Another day has gone by and another successful run on the shore. Had a great run with a terrific posse today, one of which was Chris Price, fellow Knee Knacker lotto winner. Pricey is running extra strong right now and should have a brilliant first go at the Knacker. He's been able to get in all his long runs and speed work and stay injury free - lucky bugger. Having had only the past two weeks to get back at it, I explained to him how I got in as much mileage as was reasonable. Banging out 5 hour runs wasn't going to work if I wanted to steer clear of re-injury.

It's surely been too little too late, but the brick system has helped me roll off some good distances and times while providing ample rest. I was running just over an hour on day 1, day 2 up and down BCMC, day 3 two hours, and day 4 two hours. Then rest. The rest time has been a focus.

I ran into John Foy at Lonsdale Quay yesterday and he said he had a similar experience last year. He explained, "You'll feel great until half and then you'll be in hell". The Lazy Trail Runner told me Foy really laid down the law out of the mid point last year though so maybe if I take it easy I'll be able to delay the onset of "hell" until 3/4's.

I'm starting to thinking more about pre race and race day nutrition now and my last week of workouts. Fitness won't be improving, but I need to keep mobile and loose.

Massage is booked for Monday at 3:30 at Moveo.


  1. Mate - thanks for the shout out. Saturday was definitely one of those mornings that reminded me why I love running, good company, low key, great trails and a beautiful day - next time I need to stick around for eats after.

    Lets both take 'er easy from here, and hopefully we can share some trail time out there on Saturday.


  2. It really was a great day, Pricey. One of those where running doesn't seem like work. I'm sincerely stoked for you this weekend. You're very ready and I'd be honored to run any of it with you. Happy wind down.