Monday, October 21, 2013

Mahon ~ Year Two

I'm so glad I registered on-line because had I not gotten the call-up for this one I'd have been starting at the back of the pack. The citizen men's class, the class I'm in, started at the same time as the cat. 3/4's. Not sure why they formatted it this way but it made for a nasty bottle neck and some screeching brakes going into the first tight lefty. It took an entire lap to catch my buddy who was only a bike length ahead of me at the start line. Thankfully it's acceptable to get those elbows up and grind folks in the corners. Some creative lines certainly were a benefit to my overall race.

I loved this course. Last year it was similar but with more muck and fewer tight switchbacks. The organizers pre-watered the existing mud pit to help it be nasty after all this dry weather we've been having and they did an amazing job of piecing together as many dismounts as possible, some straight-aways, sand, side hills and several steep, fast ups and downs and the all too enjoyable Shimano barrier set.

Marx socks carry me lightly over the barriers.
I felt fairly good out there as my control is improving in the tight corners and on the dismounts and remounts. Unfortunately I'm still lacking on the straights. Ain't got no spin.

In hot pursuit of Quadzilla. Thank god for my 40 psi decision.
Until next time...

October 23rd, Post Script:

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Silver lake CX - 3rd 40 Year Old

A pair of bright, green Marx Conditioning socks rolled into Silver Lake at 9:10 for a 9:30 race start. Damn border! Either way, I pinned number 361 to my Salomon race jersey and it was a blast even if it took my heart rate from resting to red line in mere seconds. A mostly grass course weaved through single track, around a barn, over a couple barriers and was perfect under blue skies and cool temperatures.

Coming in as 3rd place 40 year old was the happiest part of my finish as I felt terrible to finish. Jelly legs and seriously munted lungs. Let's say I hacked a bit afterward. I loved it though. 

Until Mahon next week...
The boys and their post-race bevvies.


Friday, October 11, 2013

Cascade Cross Series - Race #1 Silver Lake

Two weeks after Vanier and my bright, green Marx Conditioning socks are clean and ready to roll again. With a few changes this year, including tomorrow's venue and some class changes, I'm excited. There's nothing like a new venure. It's an adventure, right?
Silver Lake, Washington near Maple Falls en route to Baker from Sumas

The new classification has me a bit confused. I get it but last year I raced in the "C" class and things went fairly well. I didn't cream the entire field but I certainly held my own. This year however, classification reads as follows:
Categories below are self-seeding, meaning that you choose the best race for you based on your experience, speed, endurance, and equipment.
If you are sand-bagging (racing in too low of category), people will heckle you and you won't do it again.
If you race in too high of category, people will feel your pain. However, you can downgrade at the next race if necessary.
In general:
  • C Racers are absolute beginners to cyclocross, even brand new to bike racing, or fitness is not really your thing, but you like to get fit by coming out & just racing! That's totally admirable - sweat your brains out. Or just participate & have fun, with low pressure!
  • B Racers are people with some cyclocross racing under their belt & ready for a higher challenge, or experiencing success racing bikes in some other discipline (e.g. Road, XC, DH, BMX). Or maybe you're just a really good athlete! Cyclocross is different than other sports & even cycling disciplines, but it's also about anaerobic conditioning, mental fortitude, focus, & pure bike handling. Do you have those things? If you don't know, try Cs, then upgrade if you are seriously demolishing people out there.
  • A Racers know if they are A Racers. You train hard & focus your life on this sport. Or you're a freak. Or both. Not for the faint of heart. Also, the races are long!
Remember, you can always race up! For example, if you are 50+ but should be racing As, race As! If you are a fast woman and want a longer, faster race, race with the A or B men! If you are fast junior and not feeling challenged in the C Men, race with the B Men!

 I'm pretty sure I'll end up in "B" class and that excites me. It's longer and it's harder. Both equal more fun.