Thursday, June 5, 2014

Put It Out There ~ An Assignment by Monika Marx

Bottom left: Deadlift picture. Middle in red: Turkish Get Up picture.
Shortly after Christmas, Monika Marx, Conditioning Coach, asked me to "PUT IT OUT THERE". By that she meant she wanted me to share my upcoming goals. I can't lie. I didn't want to get involved with publicly announcing my fitness goals. My goals are my business and why in the world would anyone care about MY goals? I figured it was a way of getting me to commit publicly to what I wanted. Being a very intrinsically motivated guy, I figured I didn't need to do this.

Well one thing led to another and she, as cunning as she can be, convinced me to get on board. In hindsight, I completely understand what Monika was after in doing this. Other peoples goals motivate us and when I saw what other people had their sights on I found myself to be quite driven. Not competitively but more through being inspired by their hard work. Call me egocentric if you like but I thought goal setting was entirely about me. Clearly it is not. 

"Off Season" Goals
Although we don't really have an "off-season" in North Vancouver as it relates to the weather, the block of training from January through early April was just that and was part of a strength building phase at Marx Conditioning. That in mind, I went after my deadlift and Turkish Get Up (TGU). On the trails, I aimed to hit personal bests on the Dirty Duo course and to run under 4:30 at Sun Mountain 50km. I know you're on the edge of your seat wondering how it went so here ya go...

1. Deadlift: I went after 235lbs. (1.5 x body weight) and I exceeded it when I hit 255lbs. 
2. TGU (video of TGU): I can't completely remember what I went after but I know I achieved it because my current max is 28kg and the next option is a 32kg bell. 
3. Personal best Dirty Duo: In 2:19, I was 2 minutes faster than my three previous times. Felt great too.
4. Sun Mountain in less than my 2013 time of 4:30: In 4:40, that goal still stands until next year. 

"In Season" Goals ~ NOW
1. Increased Flexibility: with several injuries leading into Sun Mountain, I am recognizing the value in increased flexibility. I am committed to two days/week of yoga and a daily stretching and rolling routine. So far the benefits are obvious. I move more easily and don't seize up every time I stand up.
2. 32 Kg TGU - 4kg's more doesn't seem like a huge jump from my previous goal but it certainly is. All you have to do is pick up a 28kg kettle in one hand and 32kg in the other. It's an eight+ pound difference. That's a baby for god sake.

And Finally and most significantly,
3. Sub-5:30 Knee Knacker - Although I feel arrogant about this goal considering the reputation of the Knee Knacker, I really feel it's realistic with a previous personal best of 5:40. If I stay healthy and train smart, I truly believe it's possible. As an intermediary goal, with the aim of building climbing and descending strength and speed (perfect for Knee Knacker), I'll do weekly time trial loops of BCMC/Jet Boy. My current personal best is 1:11 and I'd like to see that between 1:00 and 1:05. 

For now, I focus on these goals and believe they'll come to fruition. I work hard. I push myself and I'd love to run a  sub-5:30 Knee Knacker. Most of all, I want to be happy and feel amazing doing it. 

Thank you, Monika and to everyone who trains hard at MARX Conditioning for inspiring me to be my best, be my strongest, and always work toward greater goals.