Monday, July 4, 2011

5 days to go...

A beautiful day in the Vancouver hood. I presume the snow is melting away quickly and maybe even dangerously, but just in time to smooth out my glide over Cypress. I'm not actually super concerned with Cypress for snow. It's that nasty side hill section from Cypress to the XC area, across Hollyburn. Step by step I guess.

Anyway, today was a breeze.
  • Another lazy coffee morning
  • Short hike in the forest
  • A 25 minute nap
  • A Massage with Kristie Elliot @ Moveo
  • A soak in the ocean
  • And a great burger and beer with friends
I'm off to a bath and some foam rolling and then bed. I'm really living the West Point Grey house-wife dream aren't I?

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