Thursday, April 28, 2011

What is the Flight Crew?

For a couple years now I've proudly been part of a very unique group of Salomon athletes who are considered brand ambassadors. As runners, racers, and all round adventurers, the Salomon Flight Crew is a grass roots team of amazing people that believe in Salomon and want to share a passion for it's products.

I've always been a Salomon guy even before I started running. I remember having a blue corduroy Salomon hat when I was in grade 9 and skiing a lot. It seemed like a brand of adventure and fun. I was proud of that hat. My first trail shoe was an earlier version of the XA Pro. My feet have always loved the fit of Salomon shoes so when I was asked to be a part of the Flight Crew that fit was natural too.

As a Flight Crew athlete of course we are proud users of the products, but among other things we test gear at a low level and collect valuable feedback from others using the products. This is one way Salomon can be sure to continue making the cutting edge products they've always made. You don't think Salomon just makes good stuff. They listen.

Being the title sponsor of 5 Peaks, Salomon is also able to share shoe demos with racers at each event. This past weekend, at BC's first event, Golden Ears, The Lazy Trail Runner and I were able to introduce the wonderful world of the Speed Cross 2, the XT Wing, and the new XR Cross Max to some of the days racers. They loved what they tried.

The Lazy Trail Runner (Duncan Coo) & I at 5 Peaks Racers Expo

Recently we also took part in the Door2Trail Cross Max tour. It's happening all across the country, but we helped kick it off in Vancouver and now it's headed across the prairies. Check out some of the videos of the tour on Munny's Blog.

The bottom line is that I am very, very proud to be part of such an incredible team and representing a company of such quality and innovation. Of course it is also a delight to receive several boxes full of gear each year. It's Christmas for big kids who like to play in the mud and mountains. Most recently I recieved a full EXO kit, advanced skin SLAB Hydration pack, the always gorgeous SLAB's, a Fast III jacket, a beautiful embroidered hoody, and of course the NEW XR Cross Max.

I'm looking forward to another great racing season and putting all this stuff to the test. The advanced skin SLAB pack will get it's first test this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Dream

I've been thinking about this shoe since last year. It's light with a great fit throughout and it's taken the lugs off the my favorite shoe ever. If Killian likes it, it must be fast too. A close second only to the mix that Reese found in peanut butter and chocolate, Salomon has combined the SLab and my personal favorite, the Speedcross 2.

Check it out.

Might have to wait 'til next year though. Sorry.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Door 2 Trail XR Crossmax 2011 Demo Tour

Over the next few weeks Salomon trucks full of gear and great people will be jaunting all over the country getting folks in Salomon's latest work of genius, the XR Cross Max.

This high mileage training shoe is meant for that trail runner that hits the pavement every so often, particularly on the way to a trail head. I posted a great promo video a few days back, check it out here.

If you want to get these light weight speedsters on your feet you can try North Shore Athletics, Forerunners, Kintec, or Mountain Equipment Coop.

I'm looking forward to a fabulous run in my new XR Crossmax this Thursday at Vancouver's Door 2 Trail Demo night; 6:30 pm at Forerunner's on 4th Ave. Maybe you'll be there? Think about it.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Weekends are here!

Hit the road Saturday morning with coffees in hand and headed up to Squamish for a nice soft, loamy one might expect from Squamish. Parked the Red 'ru at Brennan Park Community Center and followed the first 30 k chunk of the Stormy course. The usual suspects were involved, Jack's Trail, Alice lake, around Stump Lake to Bob MacIntosh, Dead End Loop, Rock n' Roll, and down Rob's corners. At this point we, Duncan and I, went west toward Edith lake. We really wanted to get over to Mike's Loop and ultimately run Entrails down to Roller Coaster. From there we pounded pavement back to the car. A necessary evil that I can't wait to overcome in my new Salomon Cross Max. Should be here soon. Maybe even this week.
It was brilliant Saturday topped of with a visit to the Bistro for a turkey, bacon club. No animal sightings but the forest is starting to get Springy. The buds are out and things are greening again. Only a few short months and I'll be racing the Test of Metal up there. Which reminds me, I should probably get on my bike sometime.This morning was a first in about eight years. I ran a 10k road "race" with Saje. Saje didn't do much of the running. She mostly slept in the stroller, while I cruised the Delta course. The run was in memory of slain teen Laura Szendrei, whose cousin I taught last year. If she only knew the sacrifice I made by running on the road to show my support. Anyway, it wasn't that bad and the turn out for Laura was amazing. I finished in 42 minutes and dazzled a few folks along the way with my stroller pushing speed. What a workout! One guy even shouted as I went by, "JESUS!". I said, "No, man. Tom Craik".

Looking forward to another spring weekend next weekend.