Thursday, July 7, 2011

2 days to go...

There's been a lot of talk these past few weeks about the amount of snow in them "thar" North Shore mountains. There's been snow before, but apparently not like this. Glenn Pace's "Snow Report" tells tales of snow starting within 100 meters of the Black Mountain bluff and continuing through to Cypress where it has melted away for transition. Immediately following the exit from transition and delving back into the woods the snow continues pretty much until Holly burn chute. Yikes and Yeah!

Trying to catch a glimpse of Saturday's route, I went down to Stanley Park's waterfront for a soak in the ocean and found the mountains shrouded in rain clouds. A crab walked over my foot scaring the crap out of me as I smiled inside thinking about the mud that would now accompany the snow. It really is going to be a trail runners dream.

With two days to go I'm really starting to feel the excitement around the whole event. It occupies my mind with every step I take, every bite I take of anything and everything, and every sip of water/electrolyte I suck. It really grabs a hold of you. Having done it before I can honestly say it's an excitement and not nerves - especially because I have few expectations for myself this year. Adam Campbell spoke my reminding mantra for this year best in his recent article/blog post "Knee Knacker-Snake Bite", "The race rewards athleticism, strength and endurance, as opposed to speed". And speedy I will not be - finish I will though.


  1. the mud.. how aWEsome and lovely its gonna be for those of you out there. . ..i say, 'if you rUN with heart, performance always follows' enjoy the trails, and smash the course.! GO TOM! whoaOOo.

  2. I'm bouncing off the freaking walls here!!