Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wanted: Soleus in Good Condition

(About midway and 27 minutes from the soleus strain - Photo courtesy of Mat Curry)
Since last Sundays Iron Knee I have felt calf pain like never before. After cresting the top of the Power Line climb I began my descent with some minor cramping, or at least I thought so. Adrenaline kicked in with the inflammatory process and I finished the race with some minor pain in 1:57. I was happy but hurting so I hit the ocean for a soak and had a quick massage from Leah @ Moveo, who happened to be in the tent at Panorma Park.

Since then I've had another massage at Moveo, with Christie this time, and the tension in my calf persists. I'm pretty sure I'm dealing with a grade 1 or 2 strain of soleus, but another few appointments with massage and maybe physio should get me a diagnosis that I didn't make up from the web. We're all web doctors afterall.

With Test of Metal in two weeks and Knee Knacker in five, I am VERY concerned. My anxiety levels are at an all time high and I'm hanging onto anything in hopes of a miracle.

Lots of rolling and Ice, no running...and I'm not sure about biking. Grrrr! I might be reduced to pool running.


  1. Tom I feel your pain. I've spent most of the spring with a soleous issue, this is the 3rd time for me over the last few years. It's finally on the mend but this time it also started to effect the ligament attachment to my knee. No running and Graston treatment from my chiro seemed to help. Hopefully this will resolve itself quickly and you'll be back running again soom.

  2. Thanks, Sue. I had a treatment this afternoon and another one coming up on Monday. My chiro wants me to keep after it in terms of treatment. Hope you're running again now.