Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Test of Two

After a late night phone call from my brother-in-law saying he was puking and wasn't going to make our morning ride of the Test of Metal course, it would've been easy to pack it in and do nothing. I couldn't do it though, so I packed the car and drove up to Squamish to ride the Test course and test out my soleus. After Moveo's Jenn Turner worked on it yesterday it felt much better and certainly held through todays ride. It feels a bit tight now, but all in all much improved. A bit of ice and rolling time tonight and another A.R.T. appointment tomorrow and hopefully a short run Tuesday.

Check out my workout below.


  1. dude, that's a fast solo time. You're well on your way to sub 3:30 on race day. Any chance you have another ride in you before the 18th?

  2. Almost two days worth of calories! You can sit around and drink beer now ;)