Friday, January 1, 2010

Opinions Needed: What will be the best 2010 races?

It's seventeen hours into the New Year and I have had a terrific day and an amazing sleep. Woke up on day one to coffee, a rainy drizzle, and the prospect of another X-country race: The Resolution Run in White Rock. I didn't break any records or win it outright, but I felt perfect. My splits were almost spot on and I was ticking over exactly as I should've been. I finished the 8k in 32:10 and dipped into another fine cup of coffee.

Now I'm home and I've spent some time looking at other people's blogs, viewing various web sites, listening to conversations, and just generally being made to feel like I too should be making some commitments for the upcoming year.

So I sit here trying to sort out just what I want to commit too.

Is it a commitment or a focus?
What's realistic?
What if I don't achieve it?
Will I be disappointed if I don't achieve it? Or will it be enough to have tried?

I don't know...

Maybe I should try to achieve it all as soon as possible and then I won't lose focus. Hell, Adam Campbell set his goal to get married and he's already done it. Congratulations by the way.

There it hit me. From deep in my not-so-deep sub-conscious . . . Test of Metal registration has been open for two hours already and I haven't even thought twice about tackling the web site mayhem that is likely ensuing or already over. I'm totally into running and this is my year for some bigger, longer, and maybe faster, stuff. Last March I got a bit more serious about things and really mixed up my workouts. In fact, they became "workouts", not just a series of long runs with friends. It was variety and it was fun to run fast, like a kid. Still is.

Of course my first goal is Orcas Island 50, on the 6th of February. It's a beautiful course and I can definitely improve upon my previous 5:48. Without a doubt Gary Robbins is fast, but why is he beating me by over an hour? I need to close that gap to at least 59 minutes then I'll feel complete. You complete me, Gary.

What else have I been thinking about? The top event on my bucket list, and if I can pull together the entry cash, I'll definitely be at Trans Rockies in August. Outside of that one, anything can happen?

I guess my criteria are the following:
1.) run 3 or 4 50K trail races, including Orcas
2.) run at least one 50 miler (maybe a 100k)
3.) Visit some new terrain/new courses - I'd love to race in the Banff area or Calgary foothills.

To date I have no races planned for or registered for, other than Orcas. I would love your opinions and ideas on races. Maybe the ones below or perhaps others. I'm not against traveling, but I'd love to be able to drive from North Vancouver.
Excited to hear what people think . . . or simply what your plans are for 2010.

Whatever your plans are, happy planning, and happy racing.


  1. And you me TC! Shall we make a wager on Orcas this year? Actually I don't think I'll even make it after recovering from HURT.
    What about The Canadian Death Race??

  2. I thought about it, GR, but I'm not sure it'll fit into my plans for Trans Rockies. You, as well as many others, raved about that event so I'd like to follow that goal until maybe the money goes awry. Otherwise, yeah. Beemer was ecstatic about the Death Race. Good for you registering for that. New course record coming from you this year?

    What's your take on White River? Maybe we can talk about it over a night run this week?

  3. how 'bout the sun run? =D

    or mt blanc? can you drive to that one? i hear it's cool. or the one around crater lake or maybe the new one in the methow valley .. same guy who does orcas .. or the keremeos to manning thingie...

    there are a few for you to mull over. death race is an idea. you could steal robbins' coin for the river crossing and screw him over for finishing ... that's one way to beat him.

  4. Good call on the Mont Blanc run. I'd definitely love to do that some day, but I think I'll fill this summer with local events. Tell me more about this Crater Lake event. Is that the marathon in Oregon?

    How about you? You throwing down for Knee Knacker this year? Anybody else want to see Coo out there breaking his 2005 time of 5:32?

    I'd like to see that.

  5. i think it is .. oui. haven't heard much about it.

    i might put my little toe in the hat for knee knacker. some of the best runs are the ones that aren't races but just done for the fun and adventure of it all. Grand Canyon and Mt St Helens for example. And Stein valley and the trail around mt rainier is something i'm thinking about when better weather and longer days return.

  6. Greetings from Banff - found your blog thru PV's. The Iron Leg 50 miler was a new race in '09 and had good reviews from runners. Their website is at but it might be too close to TR for you (it's on 14 Aug). There's loads of amazing trails out here so you could otherwise just come out and run without the racing aspect? Good luck - I'm going through the same thing at the moment too!

  7. Chuckanut is fun...
    Fat dog 100 km will be amazing...
    White River is a MUST DO! You can taper right after Knee Knacker.
    Wheres Waldo 100km...

  8. Thanks, Nicola.

    I like the way you've periodized my Knacker and White River. I had been thinking about how I might taper and build up again for whatever races I chose. Are you a running coach by chance?

    Tough decisions. I want to do them all.

  9. Hey Tom,

    PowderFace42 (July 17th) is a must do - you could even double up and do the Canadian Mtn Running Champs the weekend before here in Canmore.

    Lots to little time.