Friday, January 15, 2010

47 minutes, Baby!

Once again I hit the trails. Kev and I did a great night run last night , 'round Rice Lake, out Circuit 8 and then down to Fisherman's. It was nice and slow, but gave me a chance to try out my new and hopefully improved soleus. It also gave Kev a chance to share his shin injury with his knee.

Regardless, it was great to get back out there after a week of pool running, massage, stretching, icing, and compression. It was pissing rain, but the headlamps guided us out safely and very happily.

I really can't thank Gary Robbins enough for his wisdom in taking care of this thing quickly. Sure, it may only have been a mild strain, but overuse injuries start somewhere.

That being said, Gary said something else to me that really got me thinking. He said he attributed being mostly injury free to his focus on running technique, rather than post-run recovery routines. Of course these two are not mutually exclusive as recovery is important, but to have to recover from less stress in the first place is sheer brilliance.

I found this short video produced by Newton that talks about running technique. Check it out. It's some simple stuff that we just need to be reminded of sometimes.

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  1. Great vid, Adamson was officially my first every endurance idol back in Eco Challenge days!
    Glad you're back on you're feet again, and thanks as always for the shout out!!