Monday, January 25, 2010

5 Peaks Trail Clinics by Salomons Flight Crew

About a year ago I felt like the luckiest trail runner alive when I was chosen by Salomon to be part of the Flight Crew, a group of runners and adventure enthusiasts who are genuinely at the heart of the sports they engage in. Flight Crew members are not just a bunch of fast guys and gals, but individuals who promote what they enjoy by being involved in every facet of their sport. They might design courses, marshal races, cut up
fruit for aid stations, or mark and sweep courses. They also might just be those smiling faces cheering when you run or ride by. Some of us even promote products at events through our own personal experiences out there.

The bottom line is this - Flight Crew Athletes are passionate about what they do and positively share that passion with everyone around them. Each of us is truly involved in the whole sport!

In carrying forward this passion for trail running, I have embarked on my latest endeavor with fellow flight crew member Duncan Coo. As Salomon is heavily involved in the 5 Peaks Trails series it was a natural fit for us to create Flight Crew Trail Clinics, a series of clinics specifically geared toward the first three lower mainland 5 Peaks races: Golden Ears, SFU, and Mount Seymour.

Flight Crew Clinics are meant for beginning trail runners as well as those who simply want to improve their technique and perhaps improve on their racing times as well. Each clinic is a place for us Flight Crew members to share our knowledge as well as our passion for running in nature among good people.

Our first drop-in clinic is on March 20th at Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve. This first clinic addresses the major differences and similarities between road and trail. For for further details, click on Flight Crew Trail Clinics. If you have any specific questions please email us at


  1. Hi Tom - I was just wondering if you wanted to write a short blurb on the clinics that can be posted on TR.... if interested let me know.

  2. Can't wait, trail clinics should be interesting with you and coo.

  3. Pano, that would be a really great opportunity for us and for a good number of people to get on board. Thanks so much for the offer. If you have a moment send your contact info to, and I'll get right back to you. Thanks again. Love what you're doing. I'm on 2 or 3 times a day.