Sunday, January 3, 2010


You know those days when you have a long run and you're just beat at the end? Not just a bit tired, but absolutely trashed? That's me right now. Ran 4 hours 45 this morning all across the North Shore, including five switch backs up Mountain Highway at the three hour mark.
I came through the door famished and completely punched. After annihilating my cupboards I dove into a nice cold bath. Sitting there up to my waist in ice water I said to myself, and I knew it was myself because I recognized the voice, I said, "I'm knackered! Hey that reminds me, I should register for Knee Knacker". It was sort of like that. There was other dialogue too, but you get the gist.
About two hours later, all refueled and happy, I bought my $110 lottery ticket into Canada's Knarliest Ultra.

Fingers crossed and always ready to run.


  1. you closet trainer! wait ... i was there too.

    ..on the run that is..not in the bath. that would just be weird. =D

  2. You were there alright...right up until the decent where you bonked and my energy bar saved your life. Me thinks you owe me a beer for that heroic gesture.

  3. perhaps .. but i drank the last two in my fridge when i got home from that =D

  4. Ice baths are always easier when done with a partner. No one would fault you two for sharing that!!

  5. I would fault me for doing that, GR. Sorry, Coo. You're a great friend and training partner, but I draw the line way before baths.

  6. what if i brought a loofah?!