Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stormy Pre-Cap

T - 2 days 21 hours.

Stormy has finally started knocking on my door step and the question comes...

Am I ready?

I feel ready. I've put in the time. I know the course. I know my pacing. I know my nutrition. I have Katie D., the Princess in Training , crewing for me, and the Lazy Trail Runner thinks he'll be awake to drive me up to Squamish Sunday morning.

So, am I really ready? I really have no idea. Who ever does until the race begins and ends? It's a whole lot easier to ask later, "was I ready?"

All I can do now is give myself the pep talk I'd otherwise give someone else had I been on the sidelines.

I'd say...
  • Go get'em son!
  • This ones yours.
  • You've trained for this and your ready to face the miles, the adversity, and the competition.
  • It's your day.
  • Have fun out there and enjoy the seconds, minutes, and hours - good or bad.
  • There will be tough times, but dig deep.
  • Know it's a finite process, and that it will eventually be over.
  • Embrace the highs and minimize the lows by reminding yourself of all the shitty things you've overcome in the past. If that doesn't work, be glad you didn't register for the 100 miler.
I do have a race plan and goal times, but I'm not really one to talk about it before hand. It's not like a secret weapon or something, it's just more of a fluid concept that is difficult to describe in detail and commit to 100%. I suppose if I have to describe the plan I'd say...


P.S. Now accepting last minute advice or topics to ponder while I'm on my feet.


  1. Have a great run Tom - You'll do great! I'd pass on my 2-cents but considering my latest track record, I'll hold off for now ;)

    Looking forward to talking smack with you at TRR very soon...

  2. Just picture your new baby waiting for you at the finish!

    See you Sunday at 6am, well that is if the Lazy Trail Runner doesn't sleep in.


  3. Hey, please write up a race report. I want to know how things went. I am pretty confident from reading what you have accomplished.

  4. Did you know you blink over 10,000 times a day Tom Craik...did you? Think about that while you're out there running through the forest...just don't blink too much on that technical stuff eh!

    Go get em tiger!

  5. Quit now... throw in the towel. It's an impossible distance.. sleep in..

    lazy tr

  6. Take it down one check point at a time! I'll have beer and chips on course just in case ;)