Friday, July 30, 2010


It has recently come to my attention that coconut juice is thought of by some as a leading beverage for hydration. By all accounts too, it makes sense. They say when you're stranded on a "deserted island", you should drink coconut juice to keep hydrated. Hey, why not, when in Rome, right? This isn't the coconut milk you'd put in a Thai-curry stir fry. The product I'm talking about is sometimes referred to as juice, but the best stuff I can find is labeled coconut water.

A quick internet search reveals that coconut water is hot right now. Everyone is promoting it's benefits and stores like Whole Foods, Price Mart, and Save on Foods are selling it in droves.

Web sites claim it to be more healthy than regular milk and orange juice. It has fewer calories than both and the added bonus is a long list of vitamins and minerals. Among the most important to the ultra runner is it's high levels of potassium, magnesium, calcium, and respectable levels of sodium and chloride - in comparison to other sports drinks that are too high in sodium, chloride, and sugar. It is lower in fat and lower in sugar than other beverages, which we know can upset our stomachs when we run long. Some folks even claim it to ease digestive processes as well. This is great news, along with the claim that it can help slow the onset of fatigue too.

One study dating back to 1979 claims that regular coconut water taken directly from the source, doesn't have enough sodium or chloride to adequately hydrate. They wrote that the addition of table salt would help to provide the necessary balance. The tetra box of passion fruit I'm enjoying presently indicates it has added sodium. Most probably do. I wasn't able to read the entire study, but I think the important stuff is just that. The following is another decent article on it's benefits.

For the health food nut and frequenter of Whole Paycheque it is claimed to be natures fruit and therefore entirely organic, but you know as well as I do that oranges, bananas, lemons, kiwis, etc., are all naturally occurring, but are still regularly over processed.

For many, I think the jury's out on this one still, but I'll tell you - I'm a believer for sure. Thanks Brad DeAbreu, I've had several longer runs with this stuff and my performance has received a boost after consumption. As well, I watched the Lazy Trail Runner drink this super hero beverage during Knee Knacker, in which he ran smooth, consistent, and recovered impeccably.

I'm sold and without question I'll be relying on Coconut juice during Stormy next Sunday, August 8th. My favorites so far are Mango and Pineapple, but check'em out yourself and try Vita-Coco.


  1. Sweet Tom!!!

    I mean the seller was Coo flying down Cypress on a training run just after smashing a tetra @ the bowl laughing like a school kid yelling..."I love this stuff"

    Thanks to the Pink Princess for the gateway to the water... ;)

    And Congrats on Saje!!!!!! Super cool! See you @ Stormy..


  2. yah -- i ran all the way to cleveland in my grass skirt singing "i've got a lovely bunch of coconuts."

    thanks for getting us all hooked brad! swing by my alley with your ball cap on side ways and i'll buy some off you out of the boot of your car. i'll call from the 7-eleven... "dial-a-coco" :p

    thanks for doing the research, tom and confirming we're not just a bunch of nutters...

    lazy TR