Monday, August 9, 2010

I.T. is what it is

Just a quick recap of my Stormy experience yesterday. The whole story to come.
I had planned to run 10k an hour to the half way and turn it up from there. I did exactly that and it was perfect. I couldn't believe how perfect. I was strong everywhere and felt amazing. I was very, very ready for this. I ran everything with a nice even pace and as I crested Lava Flow hill, at about the 6 hours 20 mark, the outsides of my knees felt a bit tight, maybe about 62 km's. The Ring Creek Rip was tough, but manageable, until the Powerhouse Plunge. There was no way in hell my right knee was going to let me run this thing. Having screamed down the Plunge on a mountain bike during Test of Metal several times, I was extremely frustrated to have to move so slowly. Once at the bottom I began a slow straight-legged jog to the Powerhouse where I considered pulling out and riding back to the finish with Lara and my little girl. I hit that point at 7 hours 6 minutes and knew I couldn't quit after coming 69 km's already, even if it meant walking the last 11 km. I actually thought I might be able to run it in closer to eight hours, but quickly I knew sub-nine hours was more realistic.
I walked all of Crumpit Woods, Three Virgins, Seven Stitches, and Summer's Eve with the company of a good friend and struggled to watch so many 50 milers pass me by. It hurt a lot. Once I hit the climbers parking lot I was off and running with the straight legs again. I had 12 minutes to finish under nine hours. I was moving relatively quickly and rolled under the finish banner at 8:59: 30.
Today my I.T. is tight, my legs feel great, and it won't be long before I run again. Trans Rockies is in two weeks and I am so ready. On another note, so is my teammate, Duncan Coo, who, along with the rest of his relay team, broke the course record for Stormy. Amazing performance Trail Mix.


  1. Great race Tom, it was fun to follow along - nothing a bit of foam roller action won't fix next time around! I battled with tight IT's a long time, and new orthodics seemed to fix that (something to look into!). Regardless - great effort!

  2. Mate - solid effort out there on Sunday.

    I know that you didnt quite get the result you were after. Unfortunately you learned first hand that even the best laid plans can be disrupted by things out of our control and the human body can be a tempremental beast.

    Good luck with Trans Rockies, wish I could be heading there with you guys, I know you will have a blast and may even challenge a good bunch of blokes out on the course too. We will be following closely.


  3. Thanks, Boys.

    I think the only way to get through the emotion and disappoinment is to look forward at Trans Rockies.