Monday, August 9, 2010

Stormy~50 Miles in Verse

Disappointed, but so so proud.
Straight-legged limp, under the banner, into the crowd.

It started at dawn,
On a campground type lawn.

We left to the left after a loud go!
What was to come nobody could know.

Filled up with hope and happy,
Under the bridge up to Perth was so snappy.

7.7 km, I was right on time,
8 k to go 'fore Dreschel and my first taste of Sublime (Guu)

Down the hatch went the coco mango,
And off I went, Man, GO!

Up the steep ashphalt and past Alice lake,
Letchford floated by, he was indeed on the make.

Bob MacIntosh, Dead End Loop, Rob's and Cliff's, Track's from Hell,
How was I doing?, I felt incredibly well.

Pickles under a forested Edith lake tent,
Turned the wrong way, what had it meant?

Was this an Omen? No way!

Mike's Loop up and up and down and down,
softy, loamy ground of brown.

Roller Coaster and back to Perth,
Looking for Lara who was to be waiting with our birth.

Arrived spot on a planned nine,
This plan I had, was definitely mine.

I planned to run half at 10k per hour,
And the final 40 k were mine to devour.

Below Quest and 'long the mulch up G'baldi Road,
A nice slow tick, turnin' over in easy, auto-mode.

Past Aid 5 the road's a kick in the face,
I knew to expect this from a Stormy-type race.

Ouch, I thought, my knee!,
Road just isn't me.

The first signs of pain on my right,
I edged by Mr. Weins on Pseudo Tsuga, but not out of sight.

Nipples felt raw by here,
But away went the pain with everyone's cheer.

Trail Mix team was just up ahead,
Helping me they were, by supplying my med (Body glide and IBU)

with the Powerhouse came a second wind,
I'd seen some happy faces and the gas pedal I pinned.

Run, run, run - outta' liquid by tower,
Expected an aid station, ended up in a glower.

My thirsty head to the ground,
Creek to my left I heard a strange sound (the sounds of Eric Lorenz' melodic voice)

One foot,
two foot,
Three foot,

Lava flow Lookout,

My knee wanted no more.

Straight-legged jog, Ring Creek was no rip,
On my way down, feeling like a crip.

Make it down the plunge, I thought, to catch a ride in a car,
No god dam way, I'd come far, far too far.

A walk in the woods, how nice.
Screw this, I was mad, it just would not suffice.

I had a goal and now it was shot,
Quitting the race though, would not be so hot.

Powerhouse two and my knees were positively blown,
Grab another hand-held and off with a moan.

Through Crumpit Woods they go by me, one by one,
Morale was so low, I was frustrated and done.

At least I'll finish I say all proud,
Deeper inside another voice shouts out more loud,

It's so disappointed in me.
It's not the image I imaged would be.

I struggle and struggle and struggle and struggle...
Down on the flats and then run again.

It get's flat after the climbers car park.
I'd finish under 9, it would not be dark.

Disappointed, but so so proud.
Straight-legged limp, under the finish banner, into the crowd.

A proud moment at 8:59
I crossed over that campground lawn finish line.

For me it might be awhile,
but for sure, I'll tackle another 50 Mile.


  1. Great poem! very enjoyable read. Thanks !!


  2. Just finally getting around to read your posts. You ran strong and should be proud of yourself. I can't wait for your next 50 miler. You showed that you are determined and can tackle anything you set your mind too. Buntzen 5 peaks is going to be a walk in the park for you.