Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Taper Baby!

I am very excited to be tapering, baby, but the title of this blog post actually refers to the birth of my little girl, Saje, during this taper time for Stormy and ultimately, Trans Rockies. Saje Mary-Jane Craik is my Taper baby.

About three weeks ago I had the realization that Saje could possibly arrive before my last big brick weekend of five and four hours. No decent father would take off for nine hours just after the birth of his child. A couple hours maybe, but not nine. That in mind, I knew her arrival could impact my conditioning and preparation for race day. I struggled with wanting to meet her early and wanting her to go full term and to train long one last time.
Of course I made it through the big weekend and was starting to taper when she arrived. I NEVER run with my phone, it defeats the entire trail running purpose, but on July 23rd I did, for obvious reasons. I was coming down Mosquito Creek, by Mont Royal, at about 1 hour and 45 minutes, when the phone rang. It was on! I flew home and in through the door like Kramer and off we went to Lion's Gate. By 11 pm I had a daughter.She's home now and outstandingly beautiful. I couldn't love her more and getting out the door to do my last few runs has been a challenge. Not only do I not want to leave Lara alone with our little bundle of work, but also don't want to leave Saje. I was in the middle of a run Sunday and nearing two hours when suddenly I stopped, bid Coo and Holland farewell, and darted home to be wrapped around my little girls finger.

She's here now and what perfect timing with only a few short runs to go before Stormy on August 8th. There's nothing I look forward to more than seeing her little face and uncontrolled limbs at the finish line of both Stormy and Trans Rockies. Aaaaaaaaahhh, Taper Baby.


  1. Congrats Tom! Enjoy the rest...uh...scratch that...enjoy the break off training ;)

    No doubt you'll be flying for Stormy!

  2. Congratulations! That's so weird, my daughter was a Transrockies baby last year, she was born on July 13, 2009 and we took her to Colorado with us.

    Good luck at Stormy and TR. And enjoy this time with your little one, they change so fast.

  3. finally.. i might be able to beat you in some races come the fall 'cept you'll have a pretty good sandbagging excuse.

    congrats! and a toast of chocolate milk 2Go to you and lara and saje. with her craik looks, speed and wit she's gonna have more than her dad wrapped around her finger.



    Sorry I didn't have time to stop and say hey this morning, was late for my massage!

    I mean this, if you ever need a babysitter
    don't call me...unless I can take her to the beach and use her to pick up chics:)


  5. Congrats Tom and Lara...she is beautiful!

  6. Taper Baby is tiring me out, but when you wake up at 230am and see her cute little face it makes you smile anyway.

    Thanks for all the comments, friends.

    And Gary, don't worry about being asked to babysit. I'm not stupid.

  7. Oh yeah...Steve. Thanks for the confirmation that other people venture long with their newborns. Especially to TR, in Colorado. It makes sense to travel with little ones, but you never know and when others do it successfully it's reassuring.

    Parenting is tough because there's no instruction book, but as our midwife says, "the kid has no idea you don't know what you're doing".