Monday, May 3, 2010

What a weekend!

Friday afternoon I felt great! I left work at 12:30, sucked back a java at the newly opened Brazza near home, and made a break for Grouse. Then, it was to be my first "up and down" of BCMC this year. Fueled up on coffee I felt great and managed to get to the Chalet in 37 minutes and back down in 27 minutes for a round trip of 1:04. This was on the heals of a long Thursday run up Mountain Highway. I'm telling myself I can come in under an hour on fresher legs.

I took Saturday as a rest day, Miwok day for many, and watched my students race on Swangard's track. Again, it's so inspiring to watch young kids run. They're so natural and they clearly love running and jumping.

Sunday morning was another day of coaching at the track for me, but I managed an early morning run up Capilano Canyon to Grouse and across Baden-Powell to Mountain Highway. From there, the posteromedial portion of my knee began to irritate me, and sent me packing home. Fortunately, running downhill didn't bother it so I was able to move fairly quickly across Montroyal , down Mosquito Creek and back home. While I was out, Flight Crew Teammate Jason Louttit slaughtered the Vancouver marathon in 2:25 for second place. Congratulations! And Simon Bairu, of Saskatoon broke the Canadian 10,000 meter record in 27.30, Check out the story; he was 6th with that time. Crazy.

I'm not breaking 10,000 meter records, but my knee feels better this morning after some rest, ice and some stretching. Wednesday night, "wonder hands", Lesley White (RMT) will be over and hopefully she can help me work the tightness away.


  1. Hey Tom, Looks like you've been having some great mtn runs! Take care of that knee...

  2. Thanks, PV. I'm on the mend already.

  3. Hey, Tom. Thanks for stopping by ( Just wanted to make sure you post that reply for the Gu over at for that contest.