Monday, May 17, 2010

The 3 Day Miracle

Hamstrings ready to snap,
hips abuckling,
runny nose, red eyes,
my body was a breakin' down...
and all I had to do was listen.

I took my three days off and then jumped back out there. I was a grumpy bear whilst not running, but once I got my turnover fix I began to smile again. Until...what's this? I don't usually get shin splints. This really bloody hurts. "Run through it!", I said to myself. And I did, and it kept hurting. Dammit!

Another day off and voila, all is well again. I've had some tense moments where I thought my ailments were wiggling their way back into my life, but no such luck....for them. Find a new host, I say.

Late last week the road bike came back out and that bit of cross training really helped spin out my legs. The latter week was an 1:10 up Capilano Canyon and back home, Saturday was a 60 minute hill climbing clinic with Flight Crew Clinics, and Sunday was a cruisy 3:45 to Deep Cove from home. There's nothing like finishing in the Cove and soaking in the ocean. The only thing missing was my Honey Donut. The line up was out the door so I chose the chocolate milk option at the corner store.

With these tired, aching muscles of late, I've been running a lot in my S Labs. They're super light and provide a heap of lateral stability, compared to the Speed Cross 2 that is. This shoe really is the S Line or M Series of Salomon's trail shoe fleet. The contagrip sole is like having gum on the bottom of your shoes, just adding to their overall stability. And of course, they look incredibly cool with their Ferrari red sensifit strips to seal your feet in nice and solid.

I listened and my body spoke. Thus was born the three day miracle.


  1. It's definitely amazing what happens when we listen to out bodies like that! Nice one.

  2. Thank, GR. I guess you'd know, huh? It sounds like your time off is really paying off. You and Tamsin looked good relaxing and having a coffee the other morning. I bet that felt good to not have to head out for a six hour run.