Monday, May 31, 2010

Iron Knee - 1:49

To break 1:50 I knew I needed to push. At 1:38 I came into the clearing above Quarry Rock, Deep Cove and knew I was about to burn if I was to do it. Story to come.


  1. That's an un real time man! Congrats! I was 2:o5. I was looking at some of you crazy guys out in front and wondering how the hell do you train for something like this! It was an inspiration and a a major motivation to see some of your times cross that finish line! See you next year in the under 2 hours class! congrats! Ryan N. ( 36th )

  2. Tom,

    Most of us slow down with age, but you have to be different! Nice run dude! Glad that the training is paying off - you are an inspiration. Catch you on Sunday, Rob D