Monday, June 15, 2009

Two Owls and a Pair o' Red Shoes

I hesitate to write this blog too close to the last, but this is too good not to tell and I've been waiting. Last Thursday I headed out into the trails to get in a last run before the 5 Peaks race - you know, just flush out the junk and turn over a couple times. It was supposed to be a half hour run, but it became a half hour sight seeing adventure.

As I entered the trailhead (above) and across Hastings Creek (Lynnmour area) I noticed something move in the tree beside me. An owl! Two of them (Hooters, Gary). And how fortunate, I had my camera with me. They didn't seem to give two hoots about me so I hung around for awhile. A long while. I'm standing there in my bright red S-Labs and I'm not running. If you've seen these shoes you'd know I should've been running...or break dancing. Anyway, I watched the owls for 30 minutes, got back in my car, and didn't run at all. And it didn't matter.

Sorry about the bad "two hoots" joke. It was there so I had to.


  1. I've seen those guys before, and it's an awesome sight...though they were probably just dazed and confused by your bright red shoes!!

  2. Too funny - sounds like a great run!