Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cardiac Classic

Knee, elbow, hip, shoulder, and head...almost. In no specific order, those are the body parts that were intimate, and interactive, with the Gear Jammer trail, up on Burnaby Mountain, this past Sunday during the Cardiac Classic, put on by West Coast Racing. Other than nearly smashing my head open on the slick downhill, they put on an amazing show. It went so well and everyone had a great time.

This was a three lap course for my category, Citizen Male 30+, and I expected it to take about 1:30. When I arrived at the start line for 9:00 am I heard the commisaire taking attendance. I thought it highly unusual, but rose my hand and said "present" at the appropriate moment. After a quiet "go!" we started up the powerline trail to be spread out before Mel's, an almost certain hike-a-bike. On a good day it might be rideable, but not with a pack of other riders after a new fallen rain. Not for this rider anyway. The climb and flank across to Gear Jammer was challenging, but was certainly the factor that spread us out the most. Heading into Gear Jammer I was possessed. My huge grin carried me down two, then three switchbacks. On the fourth I took a hard dirt nap, and was pretty rattled. The riders around me were so good about checking on me, and helping me up. I probably need a new helmet, but so the story goes.

I continue downhill on to lower snake and I was a bit timid, can't imagine why, but managing to hold my spot before being spit back out on to the powerline trail to climb back up to the start. At least I thought that was where I was going. A right hand turn led me into another fast and flowy downhill and I was renewed. The speed and flow of that section got me jacked up again before climbing to the feed zone and heading into Dead Moped to finish the first lap.

Subsequent laps were similar, other than a humorous tumble on the third. I ended up laying in the bushes laughing after sliding from a bridge. I came out with branches and green foliage stuck to me. I told the course marshal it was for camouflage. I didn't want other racers to see me coming.

It took me 1:20 and I felt great. I'll definitely do this race again. So many great volunteers, including myself and Mr. Duncan Coo, of the the Flight Crew, tons of prizes, heaps of sponsors, a brilliant location, and two amazing race directors. Great job Matt and Mike!

Following the race I told race director, Mike Tunnah, that I'd love to see this race done as a 6 hour enduro next year. I'll be the first guy to sign up.

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