Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Cougars of Squamish

Recently Squamish has really seen it's share of cougars. Yesterday a small female "mauled" a three year old in the Brackendale area, and was subsequently shot. I love that word "mauled". I'm sure it wasn't a good time for the little girl, but the news makes a couple scratches sound like death. Anyway, then on Saturday another was shot. Not sure why so many are down low, but many a trail tale, especially Test of Metal trail riders, are all about cougar sitings recently. There was even a trap set up at the entrance to Crumpit Woods. I don't think they caught anything, but the cage has been removed.The most recent story I've seen is this video below. The story kind of speaks for itself, but what I can't figure out is why would reasonably prudent people mill around to film a huge carnivore. That thing could mess you up. Isn't it generally recommended that you try to look large and back away slowly? They sound British, maybe they're not reasonably prudent. Anyway, check it out.

I'd like to tell you that no cougars were harmed for the filming of this video, but I heard that particular cougar was the one that was shot Saturday. That sucks. It's a pretty cool animal.
I hope the only cougars I see at this weekends Test of Metal are at the finish line serving cold beverages.

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