Sunday, September 29, 2013

Vanier CX-2013

So  I get the call up to start this 40 minutes of quad-searing hell and I'm right at the tape, a space I often believe is reserved for the speedsters. Only thing I was fast at was registering on line. That's what it takes to get the call up. Not being a speedster and having very little knowledge regarding my own biking abilities this year, I took off at GO!

Across the first flat I was out front. Through the first tight switchback, over the low barriers and up the stairs, I was still up front. I stayed out front and wondered when I'd get passed. I was perplexed. Had I gone the wrong way? What was happening? After the second set of barriers, which were rather high and positioned on an uphill, I backed off and a few riders went by. I immediately felt less out of place although the lung searing pain continued.

The course was in fabulous shape for my Schwalbe Racing Ralph's. A bit of superficial muck but mostly hard underneath for some fast rolling sections and tight, workable corners. All I thought about throughout was FUN! It was so much fun and I can't wait to do it again. It's very hard, I can't lie. I like working that hard, getting dirty and working away at finding the perfect line or doing the perfect dismount/remount. Not sure I'll get much faster but working at it is brilliant.
Super, tight windy sections not present in picture. BEWARE the Red Scary Stuff.

Last year was my first year and I truly enjoyed the Cascade Cross Series in the Bellingham area. October 12th is the first one of theirs that I'll be able to do and I'm very excited to get down there. Great time to stop off for a cheap six pack and a block of reasonably priced cheese.



  1. Buy 12. They usually don't bat an eye if you bring 12 back. Just be sure to declare the dozen...keep it all above board and honest and there will be no problems. Also, you backed off?!? You should have kept hammering with daylight in front of you. In CX, you don't wait to get passed, you just get passed.

    So much to learn.....

    Lessons on the day:

    Go harder.

    Bring back 12.

  2. Done and Done! I'll let you know how it goes.