Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Runner's Rats Nest

It took a few minutes to organize these memory medals for the photo but when I found them they were all twisted and wrapped around each other like ear buds; a rats nest. They certainly do not represent all the races of my past but each has it's sentimental little story and finding them today was fun. Finding $20 in my ski jacket would have been better but c'est la vie.

Looking through them now I see:
  • 5 Knee Knacker Finishes
  • 2 Meet Your Maker Finishes (1 a relay)
  • 2 Momar Placings - 2nd and 3rd
  • 3 Dirty Duo Placings - All 1st place mens relay
  • 1 Squamish 50 Mile Finisher
  • 1 Remembrance Day 8k -3rd place
  • 2 1st half marathon
  • 1 Okanagan Half Marathon
  • 3 Victoria Half Marathon
Who knows what else is buried in the other drawers or lost in storage room boxes? I was glad to find these today and particular grateful for having not tossed them following race day.  I often have a difficult time finding a place to put them or the will to keep them. I'm not vain enough to frame them or hang them so they live in a drawer at my workplace. 

Do you have a rats nest? What do you do with yours?


  1. No rats nest here, just a big collection. I just hang them all in my garage, off of screws drilled in the wall. Also off of those screws hang bike helmets....The medals are organized by distance or event: ultras on one hanger, marathons on another, half marathons on yet another. All shorter distances are on another hook...I really don't know what to do with them, and some I am more proud of than others. They all represent something special from different parts of my athletic endeavors.

    My kids do take them off and we sometimes have a family olympics--they come in pretty handy for those events!!

  2. If only I had a garage. Space is at a premium here in apartment land. I do like the idea of a family Olympics though. Do you keep kickin' ass and winning your own medals back though?

    So true how some have much more value and meaning. Some are a good story and that's all while others are linked to some serious emotion and purpose.

  3. Planning on doing the Remembrance Day 8k this year again? It is my favourite X-Country race.