Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Run Down

It's been several weeks since my last post and I think that is congruent with my running schedule. After Orcas I just felt completely trashed. Not just post-race trashed, but really beat down from a combination of illness, moving, busy work schedule, and the early arrival seasonal allergies. I had a short run with Duncan late last week and he burst out laughing at how slowly I was moving. He literally could've walked and kept up while I felt I was working my ass off. I really wanted to just hang with Ronnie, like this dude.

Feeling a little down about it all, I gave myself a few days running break , but kept in the blogoshere. While not running I needed to keep up with what others were doing. Guess what theme ran throughout? Tiredness and illness. Yeah! I wasn't alone. I mean I feel badly for others who are feeling crappy, but it just helped me to feel okay resting. I have a hard time taking time off while others are out there training.

Anyway, I ran a speedy 11km last night in the Rice Lake/Lynn area and felt excellent. I wouldn't say I'm recovered, but maybe just getting used to running tired. With the onset of seasonal allergies I 'm forced to run through that hypoxic feeling. You know the one where you wheez like Fatty McGee and get a little tunnel vision on big climbs? It was tough and fast, but at least Coo wasn't laughing at me this time.

It's okay to take time off, but like so many of you I find it mentally challenging to not be out. And when I am out it's tough to stay focused on the run and not the lethargy.

Kudos to Adam Campbell who commented on some of the same feelings over the past two weeks. His advice to just get out the door and see what happens has helped a lot. Get changed, give yourself 10 or 15 minutes and if it's still bad, GO HOME! Just getting out the door is the biggest battle.

To all of you out there suffering this tiredness: It's a great time to slow down, enjoy the runs as runs and not training, go home if you feel crappy, and enjoy the feet up experience.

On the mend, I'm headed up BCMC this afternoon, a little snowshoeing on Grouse, and off to Kauai this Saturday to run the Kalalau Trail. Crossing my fingers that my allergies don't follow me across the Pacific.

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  1. i was kinda hoping it would be allergy time in may around ironknee so i can have a chance to do you in without cheese wire! :p