Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'll Remember Today For Sure

I never knew 8 k could be so difficult. Following a trumpeting of the Last Post and a few blasts of the Nine O'clock Gun we were off. A pack of about a hundred runners set off across the grass at Brockton Oval, in Stanley Park. I made light of the situation with a few jokes and quickly learned there was no time for that kind of banter. Hey, the best runs I've ever had were full of smiles and jokes, so why not this one? This one was serious. I think I was among some real road running talent. Heads down and go. So I joined in and the lungs began to burn. I had that blood in the mouth taste by the time we hit Lumberman's Arch and I knew this was going to be trouble. I kept my sights on the runners in front of me, got missile lock, and couldn't do anything about it. I held my position to only be passed by one runner and was finally pummeled by the Lazy Trail Runner. I ran 30:20 and finished 11th. Not bad for my first XC. We'll see what happens in a couple weeks.
(This is me finishing in a world of hurt)
Photo: Courtesy of Linda Tran Media Services
Although I was in lung searing survival mode for almost six of the 8k, I am looking forward to the Aldergrove Ramble on November 22nd. I want redemption over Coo and the workout is amazing.

As well, I've come to realize Stanley Park as an incredible place to run and walk and explore.


  1. I want a full tour of the Stanley Park Trails, never really run much in there and could use some new terrain!
    Oh yeah, don't EVER let Coo beat you again Craik!!


  2. i kick leaves in your general direction!'re next robbins!

  3. Welcome to my world, there's no time to talk! Head down arse up, can reduce you to a walk. Good job boys, can't run perfecto every race

  4. Make sure you are warmed up properly for these types of efforts. Sounds like oxygen debt hit you and then... well, we all know what follows. Sounds like you stayed tough, and that is the secret!

  5. Thanks for all the comments folks. I think Sean might be bang on. A better warm up sure could've helped. That moment of silence prior to the start killed me. Ha ha!

  6. What race was it? What's the next race on the 22nd?

  7. Gildersleeve: Nice job in Virginia. Amazing. The next race is called the Aldergrove Ramble. Check out the link on the right hand side of my blog.