Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Will Run for Beer

Since last year's Hallow's Half Marathon I have been seeking vengeance and redemption for my shotty performance. I felt slow and heavy and watched everyone I know walk away from me. It was pretty much survival from the start line. You know those runs you do that you just wish you hadn't started? One of these happened to me on race day.

I still ran an acceptable 1:5o, but the Lazy Trail Runner ran 1:48, "Lungs" Welbourne ran 1:46ish and Doyle ran 1:45.

These past few weeks I've been working hard on things and I hoped to serve up some whoop-ass this Sunday morning. Lungs has decided to focus on Cyclocross, in which he's incredible, and Doyle is off saying Hola to the Southern side of the equator. It's Coo against Craik I figured, but in his place, Mr. Doyle has offered up six cold and frosty bottles of fun for the runner that takes down his blistering 1:45:55.

I've been running with the Lazy Trail Runner a fair bit and he's poised to take down Doyle's time. For him that's only three minutes to work off. I'll have to shave off nearly 6 minutes and in racing a half marathon that feels like a fair bit of time.

All the best to the Lazy Trail Runner and my two neighbours (across the alley) that have kept solid with the workouts. Go kill it!


  1. don't be fooled by the humble person who is apparently running now ... :p .... he has finished in front of me in every race this year ... and i think last year too except for maybe 2 races ... and since my training lately has pretty much been his training there's no catch up! while i'm sucking wind on some tempo that wiley weasel is chattin' up a storm! xD

    Agreed! Good luck to the cool eggheads in the alley! They're gonna whoop somma y'all asses out there on sunday while dressed as a benzene ring and tri-nitro toluene..

  2. I wish I could come race this one too. I have been feeling stronger on the hills and my time the first go around 2 years back is pathetic. If I didnt just do Around the Lake Giv'r take I'd be in. Will see you there as I'm running it for fun!

    Good luck!

  3. hey - no sandbagging gilder! that was a week ago and only 30k! you can hammer off a 21k no problem. you did more than that for 6 days straight in colo..