Saturday, February 7, 2015

Shapin' Up the Season

There are a few changes on the blog, if you haven't noticed. Likely you haven't as I don't use it much anymore. Since my transition into Facebook I have found it easier to use that medium for sharing. 

You'll notice here that my Twitter account is maintained as well as the addition of my most recent Ambassadorship role with Coast Mountain Trail Series (CMTS). I could not be more thrilled about this as I was looking to get involved in some new races and more involved with great people. There seems to be some brilliant stuff happening at CMTS this year and the fit couldn't be more perfect for me. Proudly, I share the love for great people, amazing venues and serious value.

As well, not only do I continue to strength train with Marx Conditioning, I'm approaching my training with more power-based bike workouts this year. I have a very big season coming up and the last thing I need is to get injured while running too much. There's a serious need for some variety but also intensity. If there's anything Monika knows, it's how to train power on the bike. As an Athletic Ambassador for Marx Conditioning again this year I can't wait to see how power training will benefit my climbing. 

You'll also notice a stacked season for me. It freaks me out, of course but my head is already down and the training is underway. Knee Knacker lottery pending, my big goal is to run BC's first triple crown of ultras: Knee Knacker (July 11th), Broken Goat (July 18th) and Buckin' Hell (July 25th). Of course I'll have to follow that up with a 50 mil'r at Squamish too and precede it all with Diez Vista and Spring Rush.

Finally, although there may be some changes to Salomon Flight Crew I'll certainly continue as an ambassador for this great company. This was my first ambassadorship and they've always treated me like a friend and partner. I truly love the gear I use and am so very proud to be part of the Salomon family. Hopefully the incredible gear will rub some Kilian into my running and racing. 

I am proud of the brands I stand behind and am humbled by the people that include me in those circles. 

Happy training and racing, everyone. Keep in touch and let me know what's on your schedule for this season. Perhaps we'll tow a line together and make each other work hard for a top notch finish. 

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