Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Steed to Defend Dirty Duo Title

Usually this time of year I'm thinking about "am scraying" off to Mexico or Hawaii and I never have the opportunity to race the Dirty Duo. This year's a bit different in that I'm heading off to Mexico the week after the Duo. Back in December I realized this and I just needed a partner.

I was ready to run, but who do I know that's willing to rock out on the bike at any moment? Welbourn, Bob Welbourn! Not only would this guy want to ride, he'd kick ass. This guys a lung with legs and he keeps a pretty strong cyclocross rivalry going with Kim Steed. In fact, these two duked it out for top spot this year right until the last race of the year.

This was terrific. Bob was interested and again he wanted to beat Steed, last years winner. I figured he'd have a brilliant chance, but I'd have to beat Chris Downie. Yeah, I know...Chris Downie. No such chance in that one, I thought, so I told Bob he'd have to do some serious catching up after I came in off the run.

Two weeks ago I get an email from Bob saying he lost a fight with a car door and a broken hand has him off his bike for six weeks. Guess what? I felt bad for Bob, but the burden was lifted. I had no pressure to try and run with Mr. Downie anymore and things were feeling good.

I still wanted to race however, so I contacted a few people to see about getting another cyclist for my team. I explored a couple options and nothing was too promising until I got an email from Kim Steed. Downie is injured and Kimbo needs a runner for his team. Seemed like a perfect set up to me until Steed laid down the pressure - Being last years relay winner, "I got a title to defend", he says. So either way, if I race with Kim I get pressure or against Kim I get pressure.

Anyway, I'm pumped and proud with my new Steed jersey in hand regardless of the pressure. Although not fast, I'm feeling fairly good for a March race and I'm sure things will go well. I've never raced this course before so I have no idea what I'm capable of out there. Having run most of the courses trails I can say it is easily the hardest 25km course in North Vancouver so suffering is inevitable. The Lazy Trail Runner is running the solo run course so I don't have to worry about racing him too much - other than his overall time of course. I can't have that off-the-couch, potato chip eatin', Lazy ass beat me too badly.

Race report to follow after this weekend's race.


  1. You guys are going to crush it!

    Looking forward to a great day out there mate, hopefully there not too much snow up the top - we were running in rivers last year climbing to Neds.