Sunday, April 4, 2010

Random Easter Post

The bunny arrived at my house at 6:30 am. You're not actually supposed to know when s/he has been, but I knew immediately when I heard my coffee maker working away. In truth, I set the timer the night before, but it really is a wonderful little surprise each and everyday.

After sucking back some liquid, life-giving strawberry, chia, and mixed berry Vega smoothie, with a coffee of course, I darted up to pre-sweep the "My First Trail Race" course. It was only 7:30 so the trails were barren and it was just me and my roll of pink striped tape. Bounding from a tree and then to a bush, like the bunny of the day, I hung tape where I'd like to see it as a runner. Seems like the right thing to do, but I got a little tape happy and ran out. I went back for more and told the race director to send the marshals home - the tape would be enough. I marked it wicked.

It took me about an hour to tape things up and then I met Duncan, and by chance, Brad De Abreu, for a jaunt over to Mount Seymour and back. It was a beautifully, quiet morning out there with sun streaming through the mossy branches and some brisk air to keep things fresh.
Some follow up to last weeks blog, "Running Strong"

I suppose the nature of the word "strong" is misleading. A fellow trail runner with a heap of experience in trail running as well as in conditioning, sent me the following comment:

The one problem I have with what you said is the low weight high reps.... To build strength, you need to lift strong...1-5 reps. However, this type of lifting should only be done at a specific time during the training cycle before the power phase and maintenance phase. I think I have missed the boat on it this year but am looking to truly incorporate it into the plan next year in the off season (I'll make one). I know I need it as I am battling a right hamstring issue right now!

Nicola's so right. I suppose I was being a bit too loose with my use of the word strong. For me Running Strong means being able to maintain your form over distance and through a wide range of terrain. I suspect what I am talking about here is muscular endurance: being able to call upon ones muscles for duration, rather than for maximal effort. I know enough to say her comment is spot on in that the phases are key, but I'm not a personal trainer so I'll leave the rest to the experts. For me, Running strong is about running with consistent stability and free of injury.

Post-blog addition: For more on this check out Nicola Gildersleeve's article in North Shore Athletics' Newsletter.

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