Sunday, February 7, 2010

Orcas Island

Camp Moran was a buzz with excitement
We set off around Mount Picket,
Up the Powerlines,
'round the Lake,
up Constitution,
Over the hills,
down the quad burning switchbacks,
looped the longest mile back to camp

I aimed for 5:30, 18 minutes quicker than last year, and managed 5:18. It was hard, but I feel like I left it all out there. I'm quite happy with my race and I plan to write a longer report when I feel like sitting for longer.

Happily going for breakfast at the Tomohawk and doing nothing else at all.


  1. YOU as a teacher, should have noticed your spelling mistake!
    NICE WORK on the run Craik!

  2. Good eyes, GR. You're totally "write"...uhhhh, right. It's also the weekend, so I'm not really a teacher right now.

  3. Well done mate! a full 30 minutes quicker than last year eh? Must be something in the water your drinking... Chai perhaps?

  4. Tom you are fast. Nice to see all the training pay off. You must be ecstatic finding that higher gear. Congrats. Also, I didn't think I could post because I don't have a blog, so that's cool too.

  5. Thanks for all the bids, boys. It's flattering coming from a bunch of fasties! Cheers.