Friday, August 28, 2009

Buntzen Lake Demo Day and 5 Peaks- Be there!

A week or so has gone by since my return from Asia and I am still in awe of this place. How great it has been to run the North Shore again. Trails I know, people I love to chat with, and can chat with (they don't speak Chinese that is). It's just a great feeling to be home. I think I've been out everyday. Love it.

The 5 peaks at Whistler went really well considering the low expectations I'd set for myself. I left the start line at the back of the second wave and spent an hour and 11 minutes picking people off. Mentally I think that strategy really works for me. It's far better than taking off quickly and getting passed for the rest of the race. That just hurts. I suffered as expected, and couldn't find the turn over, but again, I was happy with the finish considering my lack of training. Maybe it was my pre and post-race foot wear, the Salomon Relax shoes. They're quirky looking, like a clog and water sock hybrid, and they sure turn heads. Everybody asked about them and I kept telling them how comfy they are. Any race, short or long, it's nice to put on light, well-ventilated shoes once the pain is over. Check these things out at the next 5 Peaks event, we'll have them at the demo tent for sure.
Speaking of the next 5 Peaks event, the fifth and final race of the year will be happening at Buntzen Lake on September 19th. Of course Salomon will be there with the demo fleet, but why wait? This Sunday at 9 am we will be hosting an orientation run with 5 Peaks and Club Fat Ass. We will certainly have the demo fleet with us. I know many of you haven't wanted to try out our shoes on race day, probably a smart idea, so why not come out and try the pair you've been eyeing all season. We'll have the XT Wings, XT Hawks, Speed Cross 2, XA Pro 3D's, and the incredible, XT Wing S-Labs. Check out the link to Salomon Shoes. Duncan and I should be on site, at the south end of Buntzen Lake, by 8:30 and we'd love to see you out there.
Happy Trails to all.

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  1. At least this time i knew you were behind me in a different wave ... but i was still waiting to hear your "ooooh yeeaaah! as you zoomed by ... guess i lucked out. Buntzen should be fun.

    Nice pic of the reeeeeelax!