Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Among the Bamboo

Since my last post I have come a long way overland and made every effort possible to fly through the bamboo. Unfortunately, the bamboo was for running beneath, around, under, and through, but not for flying in. My dreams of being the Crouching Tiger may have to wait for China.
In my search since Fukuoka, I have run through busy city streets, along water ways, through old growth forests, and best of all, up mountains covered with temples. Literally covered in temples. The pathways meandered up steep rock staircases, in some cases between thousands of Torii. These are the orange arch ways, and they have something to do with safe passage. The entire country must be covered in a huge Torii, because I have felt nothing but safety, even on my 530 am runs through the streets and into the mountains.

Kyoto was the best for running, as I suspected. I ran about a 5 k run up over a mountain top, or big hill really, to a tiny village. After trying to rip the tail off of a newt, I turned around and ran 5 k back. My arrival back in Kurama meant a visit to the local onsen. It was my first visit to a public bath house, so I was nervous about ripping off my clothes and exposing my manhood to the Japanese community. Turns out they did not care and I could not have enjoyed a fresh hot spring bath anymore. What a terrific way to end a run.

This morning I awoke to a run in the blasting heat of Tokyo as I did a bit of a work out along the Sumida river. There were not many other runners, but the homeless folk were certainly entertained by my sweaty legs and forehead.

We are off to Beijing tomorrow and then Mongolia for early next week. The train is about a 30 hour ride so I guess there will be some time without a run. I think I can handle it.


  1. that's crazy bamboo!! bring me back a stick o' that will ya?!! how's the coffee out there - that's the main question? u guys seem to be having fun. hurry back .. i'm getting fat here! :))

  2. Q! what's shthe point of all thishh bambeuw?! bloody ushhhhless it is! pointleshh!

  3. i did a night run in the red slippers last night. had to in case anyone saw those things! first thing was to jump in the mud and get them dirty. then they looked ok. you're right tho ... those things are fast and sure footed.

    i took my light but went tactical and ran 90% of without light. a voice in my head said "coo ! turn off the bloody light! ussh the forcsh coo. let it guide you threw the night!

    so i did. it was awesome. not one person out there for the whole hour i ran. either i can run faster at night or it feels like i am but i got some good turn over going in the xt's and when i heard a rustle in the bushes i fired the booster rockets in the xt's and made the jump to light speed. once again they saved the day... :p

  4. ooooooh yeaaaah!!! check it out man!!